The Penny is a non-religious social enterprise that was initiated by some of the members of New Heights Church to be a much-needed comfortable space in our downtown community, and also to collect capital to support Hope Central and Copper Hall downstairs.


Penny people come to a gathering place looking for the comforts of a ‘home away from home’ and loving the opportunity of contributing to a collective for change. We value quality, simple, wholesome ingredients, delicious coffee and an easy vibe.

Penny People value action and collaboration instead of expansion and making the almighty buck. We’re curating a culture of like-minded people who long for a family-friendly, healthy and aesthetically-conscious community gathering place.

Penny people care about the neighbourhood around us. Although, pennies are of little value on their own, combine them and the impact adds up. We believe the same is true of individual efforts to better our city.

We are projecting a mid-September opening for The Penny coffee house. You can learn more about it here or follow along on Instagram here or Facebook here.