Fellas.  There are lots of ways to get to know other dudes at New Heights.   We hope that you will find ways to plug into different communities that are driven the relationships within them.  A great way to get to know some like-minded guys is through different service projects, outreach nights, coffee shop talk or through some of the organized events below.


At New Heights we are in the process of developing missional community times.  This is a group of people that live life together and take on a mission in our city with which they are passionate about.

Guys nights are consistent at Bill and Angie Harris’ home.  Come on a Tuesday night for darts, pool, ping pong or just hanging out.

The Whiteball tournament is the culmination of all the nights of practicing.  Each year we gather 24-36 guys for a tournament at 18 Pastures where you compete with a partner in pingpong, pool, foosball, golf and bocce.  There is a big shiny Whitehall trophy for the best team.  Coming in November….