Overall Picture:

What do we mean when we say ‘Church with Mission in Mind’?

ChurchA sent out group of Jesus followers that are called into a local setting, at a given time, within a distinct culture, to represent the ‘spiritual family’ business.

With One of our Guiding Ideas states that: We like teams. We aim to express ourselves in ways that build all kinds of in-house and outside partnerships.

Mission When we pun the word Mission we mean these 4 things:

  1. God’s Mission to restore His creation.

2. My Personal Mission as a follower of Christ.

3. The people of Mission we aim to serve.

4. Building credibility within the city of Mission.

InWe believe transformation starts on the INside of a person, church, family, huddle, etc. and flows outward from there.  Christ’s INcarnation is a model of His presence among those He came to serve.

MindWe endeavor to be MINDful about who we uniquely are sent to be in our spheres of influence.