How do we envision growth out of New Heights?


One of the main priorities that we are wanting to live out as a community is to do everything through the lens of Discipleship

We believe discipleship is the focus for a church as it relates to people who are FAR FROM CHRIST and journeys with them until they are actively influencing others in following after Jesus. 

When we say Disciple we mean, “A person who learns to be like Jesus and learns to do what Jesus could do.  Therefore, a disciple is someone whose life and ministry reflect the life and ministry of Jesus.  Dallas Willard put it this way: “Discipleship is the process of becoming who Jesus would be if He were you”. 

Excerpt from Multiplying Missional Leaders.  Mike Breen.

We are in a season of moving from a consumer-driven culture (providing servicing, programs and care for people who needed to be fed) to a discipleship culture (which aims at equipping people to live out their own story of following Jesus by being like Him and doing things that He would do.)

2 Ways we are doing this: 

Missional Communities:  We are experimenting with how to form groups of 20-50 people who live as an extended family and take on a mission together.    

Huddles:  We are actively growing the capacity of leaders by inviting them into year-long discipleship huddles that ask people, 1. Is your life worth imitating before you hold influence and 2. What role would God have you play in the kingdom?

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